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Our Leadership Coaching program offers a personalized approach to help your leaders develop the skills and mindset they need to lead with confidence, inspire their teams, and drive results.

Leadership workshops

Introduction to Leadership

Discover the essential skills needed to become a successful team leader. This introductory workshop for aspiring managers covers the fundamentals of effective leadership, equipping you with the tools to guide and inspire your team.

Enhancing remote team communication

Improve communication within remote teams using specific techniques and tools for daily interactions. This session provides practical strategies to ensure clear, effective communication and strengthen virtual collaboration.

Constructive confrontation

Enhance communication skills and foster positive workplace relationships through constructive confrontation. This session focuses on resolving conflicts effectively to boost productivity and teamwork.

Empathic leadership

Develop empathic communication skills and foster thoughtful leadership to inspire and motivate your team. This session emphasizes understanding and connecting with team members to drive engagement and success.

Virtual leadership tools

Learn in detail about useful virtual tools to help you lead successfully and effortlessly. This workshop equips you with the digital resources needed to enhance your leadership in a virtual environment.

Conflict resolution

Master the art of managing conflicts to achieve satisfactory resolutions and foster happier teams. This session provides strategies for effective conflict resolution to maintain a harmonious workplace.

Effective meeting management

Learn how to manage meetings to maximize their effectiveness and outcomes. This session offers strategies to ensure productive and engaging meetings that drive results.

Feedback 360

Dive into the classic employee evaluation method with our detailed Feedback 360 workshop. This session covers comprehensive techniques for giving and receiving constructive feedback to enhance performance and growth.

Time management

Master the art of time management to boost productivity and efficiency. This workshop provides practical techniques and tools to help you prioritize tasks, minimize distractions, and make the most of your time.

Unconscious bias

Recognize and address unconscious biases that affect workplace dynamics. Our workshop helps uncover hidden biases and provides strategies to foster a more inclusive and equitable work environment.

Effective communication in diverse workplaces

Strengthen your team’s ability to communicate in a diverse workplace. This session focuses on enhancing communication skills to ensure inclusivity and respect for all team members.

The power of inclusive language

Understand the significant impact of language choices on inclusivity. Our workshop raises awareness and provides practical tips for using language that promotes a welcoming and respectful workplace culture.

Fostering cultural awareness

Navigate and embrace cultural differences to build a more cohesive team. This session equips participants with the tools to create a culturally aware and respectful workplace.

Promoting mental health in the workplace

Break down stigmas and promote a culture of mental health awareness. Our workshop emphasizes the importance of mental well-being and provides strategies to support mental health in the workplace.

Mental health awareness

Learn common mental health issues to better care for your team and respond effectively. This workshop equips managers with essential knowledge and strategies to support employee well-being and create a mentally healthy workplace.

Setting boundaries for balance

Learn techniques to establish healthy boundaries, promoting work-life balance and stress reduction. This session provides practical strategies to maintain personal well-being while optimizing productivity and focus in the workplace.

Supporting employees during traumatic events

Lead with care by learning how to effectively support employees during traumatic events. This session provides guidance and strategies for managers to demonstrate empathy, offer assistance, and foster a supportive environment for their team members in times of need.

Recharging for greater productivity

Discover effective strategies for disconnecting from work-related stress and recharging your energy. This session focuses on techniques to improve your productivity and overall well-being.

How it works

We guide you step by step

1. We talk.

No pressure first meeting. We take notes about your needs and evaluate the best way to help you.

2. We propose.

Taking into account your needs, we present you with a proposal best fit for your requirements.

3. We iterate.

After our first proposal, we will give you an option to iterate based on your feedback.

4. And we work!

Once you’re satisfied with the proposal, we coordinate and get ready to work!

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