We offer a variety of workshops and training programs for communication, teamwork, facilitation, agile metodologies, well-being and other essential skills will help your team reach new levels of success.

In addition to our workshops for companies that want to bring their teams closer to our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion present, we provide counselling for the creation and organizations of teams dedicated to work on DE&I initiatives within the same company.

This service is online and on-site


First consultation

We get to meet each other. We take note about your needs and evaluate the best way to help you!


We present you with a proposal based on your requirements.


After our first proposal, we can iterate based on your feedback.


Once satisfied with the proposal, we coordinate and get ready to work!

SOme of our workshops

  • Unconscious Bias
  • Communication for Diversity
  • Agile roles and resposabilities
  • What is DEI
  • Mental health awareness
  • Communication across cultures
  • Inclusive language

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