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In addition to our workshops for companies that want to bring their teams closer to our DEI present, we provide counselling for the creation and organizations of teams dedicated to work on DE&I initiatives within the same company.

Team workshop

DEI workshops

Unconscious bias

Recognize and address unconscious biases that affect workplace dynamics. Our workshop helps uncover hidden biases and provides strategies to foster a more inclusive and equitable work environment.

Communication in diverse workplaces

Strengthen your team’s ability to communicate in a diverse workplace. This session focuses on enhancing communication skills to ensure inclusivity and respect for all team members.

The power of inclusive language

Understand the significant impact of language choices on inclusivity. Our workshop raises awareness and provides practical tips for using language that promotes a welcoming and respectful workplace culture.

Fostering cultural awareness

Navigate and embrace cultural differences to build a more cohesive team. This session equips participants with the tools to create a culturally aware and respectful workplace.

Promoting mental health in the workplace

Break down stigmas and promote a culture of mental health awareness. Our workshop emphasizes the importance of mental well-being and provides strategies to support mental health in the workplace.

Organizational help

DEI teams creation

Creating new DEI teams

For the creation of autonomous teams in charge of organizing the DE&I events and initiatives within the company. This teams will help your company to nurture an inclusive culture and will give your employees a chance to communicate their own passions through this work. We will make sure to let you know how to start.

Supporting established teams

Our counselling services for established teams will assist you reviewing your ongoing initiatives and engagement, as well as analyzing any possible challenge that you may be facing. Together we will find a way to grow and improve, so you can keep helping nurture your peers and company DE&I culture.

How it works

We guide you step by step

1. We talk.

No pressure first meeting. We take notes about your needs and evaluate the best way to help you.

2. We propose.

Taking into account your needs, we present you with a proposal best fit for your requirements.

3. We iterate.

After our first proposal, we will give you an option to iterate based on your feedback.

4. And we work!

Once you’re satisfied with the proposal, we coordinate and get ready to work!

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