What is

HappyPathLAB+ is an initiative dedicated to empowering individuals to forge their career paths within the game industry, regardless of their gender, race, or economic background. The initiative’s goal is to foster a more diverse, inclusive, and secure gaming industry.

How does HappyPathLAB+ achieve its mission?

HappyPathLAB+ achieves its mission by offering personal coaching and workshops. These programs provide participants with essential soft and personal skills required to leverage their talents effectively and become valuable contributors to their teams, contributing to the positive transformation of the industry.

Who is the target audience for HappyPathLAB+ programs?

The programs offered by HappyPathLAB+ are designed for individuals who aspire to thrive in the game industry, particularly recent graduates and those seeking their first job in the field. The initiative welcomes participants from all backgrounds, focusing on fostering diversity and inclusivity.

How do I benefit from HappyPathLAB+ programs?

By participating in HappyPathLAB+ programs, you will gain a competitive advantage in your pursuit of a career in the game industry. You will develop skills that not only enhance your professional abilities but also position you as a catalyst for positive change in the industry’s diversity and inclusivity landscape.

How can I get involved with HappyPathLAB+?

You can get involved with HappyPathLAB+ by participating in its coaching and workshops, attending events, and spreading awareness about its mission. If you’re interested in contributing or collaborating, you can join through this form.

Is there a cost associated with participating in HappyPathLAB+ programs?

HappyPathLAB+ is a non-profit initiative, and its programs are often offered at minimal or no cost to participants. The initiative’s focus is on providing accessible and valuable resources to individuals who aspire to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive game industry.

How does HappyPathLab+ secure the availability of the slots in the program?

All events supported by HPLAB+ secures the availability of the slots through:

Review and selection: The HappyPathLab+ team carefully reviews each application to ensure alignment with the program’s goals and objectives. Applications are evaluated based on criteria such as diversity, motivation, and potential impact. This step ensures that the program benefits a diverse range of participants who are committed to contributing positively to the game industry.

Reserving slots: All our programs have reserved places for HappyPathLab and HappyPathLab+ collaborating associations.

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Learn how to create impactful resumes and the best tricks and tips to land your first job in the videogames industry.

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